Manchester Military History Society

The Manchester Military History Society (MMHS) – – is an informal group united by a common interest in military history; All are welcome regardless of age, sex or ethnicity. There is a small admission charge of £3 per lecture to cover venue rental costs.

Each month on the second Tuesday starting at 7:30 they have a speaker on a military related subject followed by a discussion around that subject or related topics with many of the speakers published authors and professional historians.

MMHS is a reincarnation of the Manchester Tactical Society founded by Spenser Wilkinson in the 1880s while a journalist with the Manchester Guardian. He went on to become the first Chichele Professor of Military History at Oxford.

The Manchester Tactical Society was briefly resurrected between 1968 and 1975, however it was reconstituted more recently by the late Paddy Griffith in 1999 as The South Manchester Tactical Society. The Society changed its name to the Manchester Military History Society in 2013.

What sets MMHS apart from the usual lectures is the quality of their speakers, the eclectic range of their subjects,  and their informality. You are guaranteed a lively discussion afterwards with our mix of professional historians and enthusiastic amateurs!

Previous meetings have included a wide range of topics, some of which are  listed here with details of this year’s programme here: