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Wargaming Weekend in Tameside

Need more time to roll the dice? It’s generally the case that having spent the time to set up an extensive game that there’s never enough time to fight through to the bitter end… so, in an attempt to right that wrong, this weekend, the Mailed Fist Wargames Group are holding a wargaming weekend┬árunning from […]

Northern DBM League – Update

It would appear that an excellent time was had by all at the re-arranged Round 4 of the┬áNorthern DBM League at our venue, yesterday. Over 30 competitors attended for some fast & furious dice-rolling filling the room nicely. I only managed to call in briefly, mid-morning, but everyone seemed to be having a good time! […]

Northern DBM League

Following a treble booking at their previously arranged venue, the Northern DBM League needed a quick switch of venue. As one of the organisers – Colin Betts – is also one of the members of East Manchester Historical Games, it was a simple matter of booking the room and the switch took place. Further details […]