Wargaming Weekend in Tameside

Need more time to roll the dice?

It’s generally the case that having spent the time to set up an extensive game that there’s never enough time to fight through to the bitter end… so, in an attempt to right that wrong, this weekend, the Mailed Fist Wargames Group are holding a wargaming weekend running from 11-5 on both Saturday 27th September & Sunday 28th September – please see the calendar for more details.

So, if you’re tired of running out of dice rolling time, why not take advantage of the opportunity and join us for a two day wargaming weekend?


Britcon 2014 news

Sunday 10th August Mailed Fist gaming day cancelled for Britcon 2014

As the majority of the members of the Mailed Fist Wargames Group are running a demonstration game at this year’s Britcon 2014 Show in Manchester  and the EMHG lads are either running competitions at the show or managing the Bring and Buy, this Sunday’s Mailed Fist meeting has been cancelled and will be added on to a weekend later in the year to allow a two day gaming weekend

Britcon 2014 is once again incorporating a Trade Show in the now-familiar surroundings of UMIST in Manchester over the weekend of 9th-10th August 2014. There will also be a number of demo games, including the incredible Marston Moor re-enactment from Mailed Fist, last seen at St Helens earlier this year

Mailed Fists' Marston Moor game which will be at Britcon 2014

Wargaming at Armed Forces Day in Tameside

Wargaming at Armed Forces Day 2014

For the second year in succession, we had a presence at the Tameside Armed Forces Day held in Victoria Park, Denton.

All of the groups that meet at our HQ were represented: East Manchester Historical Games Society, Mailed Fist Wargames Group, the National Association of Road Transport Modellers and the Manchester Military History Society were outside under a shelter, with the MAD Radio Controlled tanks inside the Town Hall itself.

Tameside Radio were also there & have uploaded plenty of photographs onto their Facebook Page where you can see Colin, Roger & George playing with & talking to people who showed an interest


Wargaming at Armed Forces Day 2014 Colin at Armed Forces Day 2014
More tanks at Armed Forces Day 2014 George's wargaming figures at Armed Forces Day 2014
Roger deep in conversation at Armed Forces Day 2014  George & Roger at Armed Forces Day 2014
Wargaming stall at Armed Forces Day 2014


Thanks also to the Scouts at 3rd Gee Cross Scout group for the loan of one of their dining shelters to keep us nice & dry!


Time travelling Mayor of Tameside

Mayor of Tameside visits East Manchester Historical Gaming Centre

Mayoral visit to EMHG

On Sunday, 27th October, the Mayor of Tameside Cllr Joe Kitchen, together with his colleagues Cllrs Jim Fitzpatrick and John Sullivan travelled in time when they visited the East Manchester Historical Gaming Centre in Godley.

In part, the Mayor and his colleagues were there to see the work that has been put into the building since being taken over by a group of tabletop wargaming enthusiasts, but they were also there to appreciate the variety of historical wargames, talks and modelling that takes place throughout the month.

The Mayor visited the building in 2009 when it was still very much a “work in progress”. Then, it was an “almost abandoned”, poorly maintained and very cold building ; it is now a well-used & maintained centre for gaming, model-making and military history – the changes that have been made reflects the very hard work, time and effort that has been put in by the small group of owners (with assistance from both Tameside College students and Community Payback) and local businesses that have supported the project.

But it’s not just the inside that’s been updated; the grounds in which the building sits and the exterior of the building have also been worked on to ensure that the area does not become an “eyesore”

During their visit, the Mayor and his colleagues saw miniature representations from the Mailed Fist Wargames Group and the East Manchester Historical Games Society of the Battle of Leipzig (1813) where Napoleon was defeated, Dunkirk (1940) where the plucky Brits held out to rescue their guns (though losing most of their tanks in the process) and a larger scale representation (using Bolt Action Rules of “Pegasus Bridge” which started the events of D-Day (‘though on this occasion, the initial British assault had failed and a hard slog was in progress). They also saw a more “generic” Second World War game using the Flames of War rule system and had a glimpse of the future with a Warhammer game.

Also present were members of the “Manchester Armoured Division” Radio Controlled tank group with their huge 1/16th scale tanks. Displays by the other groups that use the building, the National Association of Road Transport Modellers and the Manchester Military History Society were also seen.

The Mayor commented that it was good to see that the building was being put to such good and regular use with such a wide diversity of hobbies all linked by their interest in history and model-making.

Dark Age skirmish game SAGA at BHGS Challenge

The Dark Age skirmish game ‘SAGA’ has grown massively in popularity and for first time ever it is being played at the ‘Challenge’, a competition run by the BHGS on the 5th – 7th April 2013. The SAGA event is open to players of all abilities, and on the 5th we will be running an afternoon of introductory and friendly games, ideal if you are interested in SAGA and want to find out what it’s all about.

For more experienced players, the main tournament will take place over the weekend, with prizes on offer to each day’s victorious warlords. Rules for the tournament can be found here:—saga.html. Friday will also be an opportunity to play in multiplayer games based on the two multiplayer scenarios (so if you come for the entire weekend, you will have the opportunity to play every official SAGA scenario in existence!). And on the Saturday evening in the ‘Free for all’ there will be new scenarios to play and a brand new variant of the SAGA rules we have been developing especially for this event!

If you would like to register, please go to

Alternatively if you have any questions or queries, please feel free to email me at or to post your question on the SAGA forums at

Battlegroup North – Historic Military Vehicle Rally, Wargaming and Living History Show

Once again, we will be attending the fantastic Battlegroup North – a two day extravaganza of Historic Military Vehicles, Wargaming and Living History re-enactors – at the Yorkshire Air Museum, Elvington near York.

The show has been running for many years and features some excellent wargames (both display and participation), wonderfully restored military vehicles & re-enactors “from the 40s”.

In previous years, there have been two 25pdr field guns firing, a fly-past by the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight and even Captain Mainwearing & Privates Fraser & Pike have put in an appearance! We’re not sure, yet, whether they’ll all be happening this year, but as Ian Richardson & the team from the YAM are planning for a “Bigger & better” Battlegroup North show than last year, we’re very hopeful!

Our game (with our friends from the Mailed Fist Wargames Group) will focus on the Dambuster’s Raid (as it will be the 70th anniversary of this during the following week) , but with a twist… what if the Germans had found out about the raid? what would have happened if they’d sent in paratroopers & gliders to sabotage 617 Squadron before it was even airborne? Come and have a go at the game & find out!

You’ll be able to find us in the main hanger near where the Halifax Bomber is

Don’t get us wrong, the exploits & achievements of 617 Squadron both on the Dams Raid and subsequently were awesome & we, as gamers & historians, have utter & complete respect for their achievements & honour their losses. Sometimes, however, it’s interesting to have a little fun with history & play “what if?”


Britcon 2013

Once again, members of EMHG will be running the Bring & Buy at Britcon

We’ve recently received this from “The Management”…

I’m pleased to be able to bring you details of this year’s Britcon event, to be held at our usual venue, UMIST in (always-sunny) Manchester over the Friday-Sunday of 9-11th August 2013.

We are very aware that we have kept you waiting a little longer than we should in announcing this year’s dates, but the end result – even if we say so ourselves – is as fresh, new, exciting and downright gaming-tastic as it possibly could be.
That’s because at Britcon this year you will see a whole new management team, new gaming periods, and even an innovative new format which has been developed in direct response to the feedback you all gave us last year (so, yes, someone in the upper reaches of BHGS Towers did actually read that survey you may well have filled in last year!)

What To Look Out For in 2013?

  • New Periods – including a 10+ game “Epic Saga” competition for the runaway success that is the Saga ruleset, as well as the debut’s of two further 28mm rulesets, “War and Conquest” (supported by the author, Rob Broom) and WW2 skirmish game “Bolt Action” (supported by Warlord Games – TBC)
  •  New “relaxed gamer” Option – we’ve listened to your feedback about how unwelcome Britcon’s two late night games can sometimes be, and so for 2013 there will be an option to drop Friday or Saturday night’s game and just play 5 games in the larger gaming periods. This also means that each of the “traditional” 6-game main periods will now be decided by counting player’s best 5 scores.
  •  Prices Frozen – we know there is a recession out there, so through careful negotiation with the venue there will be no increase in entry fees in 2013.
  •  Accommodation still optional – we’ve also negotiated some great rates at UMIST for a variety of standards of rooms – all still in stumbling distance of the venue and bar as usual.

Periods on offer at Britcon 2013 include:

  • Field of Glory: Ancients & Medieval
  • Field of Glory: Renaissance
  • Field of Glory: Napoleonic
  • War & Conquest
  • Saga
  • Flames of War
  • DBMM
  • Epic Armageddon
  • Bolt Action

Sounds great – tell me more?

Pretty much everything you need to know is on the BHGS Website – there are a few bits and pieces that we are still feverishly polishing up, but you should be able to find everything you need on our Britcon pages.

BHGS Website

Britcon Booking website

Vote for your local police and crime commissioner (PCC)

Our venue has been chosen to be one of the Polling Stations for Hyde Godley Ward; we are incredibly proud to be able to help with this important process in Local Democracy.

On November 15th, 2012, for the first time, you will be able to vote for your local police and crime commissioner (PCC). This is a new role and the job of the PCC will be to oversee the police and ensure they prioritise what matters to you.

Each candidate may have different ideas, skills and experience to bring to the role. Information on who to vote for and how they propose to make a difference will be available on this site from October 26th, 2012. These are important roles so ensure you choose the candidate that will tackle the issues you care about.

What is a police and crime commissioner?

A police and crime commissioner (PCC) is independent and will be elected to oversee how crime will be tackled in your police force area.

Their aim will be to cut crime and to ensure your police force is effective.   They will bring more of a public voice to policing and they will do this by:

  • regularly engaging and meeting with the public to help set police and crime plans;
  • ensuring the police force budget is spent where it matters most; and
  • appointing the chief constable, and (if necessary) dismissing them if they have not performed well.

The PCC will not ‘run’ the police force. Chief constables will continue to be responsible for the day-to-day operations of the police force, but they will be accountable to the public via PCCs.

More information about police and crime commissioners

How to vote

If you are registered to vote, and eligible to vote, you can either vote in person at a polling station, by post, or by proxy (allowing someone you trust to vote on your behalf). In this election you can vote for a first and second preference of who you want to win.

More information on how to vote

Northern DBM League – Update

It would appear that an excellent time was had by all at the re-arranged Round 4 of the Northern DBM League at our venue, yesterday.

Over 30 competitors attended for some fast & furious dice-rolling filling the room nicely. I only managed to call in briefly, mid-morning, but everyone seemed to be having a good time!

Northern DBM gamers at play!

Northern DBML GamersNorthern DBML GamersNorthern DBML GamersNorthern DBML GamersNorthern DBML Gamers

Northern DBM League

Following a treble booking at their previously arranged venue, the Northern DBM League needed a quick switch of venue. As one of the organisers – Colin Betts – is also one of the members of East Manchester Historical Games, it was a simple matter of booking the room and the switch took place.

Further details can be found on the MAWS website:

Colin has been planning to run an event at the EMHG venue for a while, but we’ve been waiting until the refurbishment is complete before arranging this to happen.

Additional information which may be useful is:

  • Players to arrive at 09:00 am for a 9:30 start to the games.
  • Army list to Colin, Dave or Geoff by the 16/08/12.
  • The DBMM Competition will be Doubles (singles will be allowed)
  • The FoG Competition will be Doubles
  • The FoG-R Competition will be Singles (If we have 6 or more players)