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Britcon 2014 news

Sunday 10th August Mailed Fist gaming day cancelled for Britcon 2014 As the majority of the members of the Mailed Fist Wargames Group are running a demonstration game at this year’s Britcon 2014 Show in Manchester  and the EMHG lads are either running competitions at the show or managing the Bring and Buy, this Sunday’s Mailed Fist […]

Britcon 2013

Once again, members of EMHG will be running the Bring & Buy at Britcon We’ve recently received this from “The Management”… I’m pleased to be able to bring you details of this year’s Britcon event, to be held at our usual venue, UMIST in (always-sunny) Manchester over the Friday-Sunday of 9-11th August 2013. We are […]

Britcon 2012 Bring & Buy result

Well, Britcon 2012 has been and gone for another year and with it another successful Bring and Buy. Whilst there didn’t seem to be as much quantity or variety for sale this year as in the past, given that we were in a larger space, some of that could just be an optical illusion, ‘though the […]

Further support for Britcon 2012

This year, Britcon is not opening its doors until Friday, so where do all of those players wanting (or needing) to get in lots of pre-tournament practice go? The answer is simple: to the East Manchester Historical & Gaming Centre… we’re opening our doors from 10:30am – 10:30pm on Thursday 9th August to cater for […]