The building

… it’s History, Location and the work that we’ve put in to refurbish it to its current state

This has been a major project to bring the building that we purchased up from a relatively dilapidated state to one that’s warm and welcoming.

We’ve not been able to do this on our own & are very grateful for the help that we have (and continue) to receive…

Some key organisations that have helped are…

Harold Stock & Co, Solicitors who did all of the “Legal Eagle” bits for us when we were buying the building in the first place

Murpak Ltd who have supplied the nails, screws, hinges, brackets, drillbits, etc, etc that have held everything up!

Illingworth & Ingham (Hyde) who have supplied & delivered the wood for studding walls and other parts of the building at a great price!

PJB Cabinets & TK Components who supplied us with what was to them scrap sheets of chipboard & MDF to line the walls with; PJB also provided us with the new units & worktops for the kitchen

Simon Rigby-Wilson & the Joinery students at Tameside College who did a brilliant job fixing most of this together allowing us to insulate the building to keep us warm

The insulation was, again, a recycled by product from the production process at McVeigh Insulations.

One of the great things about all of this is that, in addition to us having a building that looks pretty good on the inside, we’ve also made use of a lot of materials that would otherwise have ended up being landfill, so as well as the walls being painted green… they are “green”, too!

Talking of painting, the paint was supplied by Ace Decor and applied to the walls (inside and out) by some great working party teams from the Community Payback Scheme of the Greater Manchester Probation Service These teams have also ensured that the grounds have been kept tidy & grass strimmed, etc.

To see photos of the progress of the work, take a look at the following pages: Main Hall, Kitchen, Ladies Toilet, Outside