Time travelling Mayor of Tameside

Mayor of Tameside visits East Manchester Historical Gaming Centre

Mayoral visit to EMHG

On Sunday, 27th October, the Mayor of Tameside Cllr Joe Kitchen, together with his colleagues Cllrs Jim Fitzpatrick and John Sullivan travelled in time when they visited the East Manchester Historical Gaming Centre in Godley.

In part, the Mayor and his colleagues were there to see the work that has been put into the building since being taken over by a group of tabletop wargaming enthusiasts, but they were also there to appreciate the variety of historical wargames, talks and modelling that takes place throughout the month.

The Mayor visited the building in 2009 when it was still very much a “work in progress”. Then, it was an “almost abandoned”, poorly maintained and very cold building ; it is now a well-used & maintained centre for gaming, model-making and military history – the changes that have been made reflects the very hard work, time and effort that has been put in by the small group of owners (with assistance from both Tameside College students and Community Payback) and local businesses that have supported the project.

But it’s not just the inside that’s been updated; the grounds in which the building sits and the exterior of the building have also been worked on to ensure that the area does not become an “eyesore”

During their visit, the Mayor and his colleagues saw miniature representations from the Mailed Fist Wargames Group and the East Manchester Historical Games Society of the Battle of Leipzig (1813) where Napoleon was defeated, Dunkirk (1940) where the plucky Brits held out to rescue their guns (though losing most of their tanks in the process) and a larger scale representation (using Bolt Action Rules of “Pegasus Bridge” which started the events of D-Day (‘though on this occasion, the initial British assault had failed and a hard slog was in progress). They also saw a more “generic” Second World War game using the Flames of War rule system and had a glimpse of the future with a Warhammer game.

Also present were members of the “Manchester Armoured Division” Radio Controlled tank group with their huge 1/16th scale tanks. Displays by the other groups that use the building, the National Association of Road Transport Modellers and the Manchester Military History Society were also seen.

The Mayor commented that it was good to see that the building was being put to such good and regular use with such a wide diversity of hobbies all linked by their interest in history and model-making.

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