Britcon 2013

Once again, members of EMHG will be running the Bring & Buy at Britcon

We’ve recently received this from “The Management”…

I’m pleased to be able to bring you details of this year’s Britcon event, to be held at our usual venue, UMIST in (always-sunny) Manchester over the Friday-Sunday of 9-11th August 2013.

We are very aware that we have kept you waiting a little longer than we should in announcing this year’s dates, but the end result – even if we say so ourselves – is as fresh, new, exciting and downright gaming-tastic as it possibly could be.
That’s because at Britcon this year you will see a whole new management team, new gaming periods, and even an innovative new format which has been developed in direct response to the feedback you all gave us last year (so, yes, someone in the upper reaches of BHGS Towers did actually read that survey you may well have filled in last year!)

What To Look Out For in 2013?

  • New Periods – including a 10+ game “Epic Saga” competition for the runaway success that is the Saga ruleset, as well as the debut’s of two further 28mm rulesets, “War and Conquest” (supported by the author, Rob Broom) and WW2 skirmish game “Bolt Action” (supported by Warlord Games – TBC)
  •  New “relaxed gamer” Option – we’ve listened to your feedback about how unwelcome Britcon’s two late night games can sometimes be, and so for 2013 there will be an option to drop Friday or Saturday night’s game and just play 5 games in the larger gaming periods. This also means that each of the “traditional” 6-game main periods will now be decided by counting player’s best 5 scores.
  •  Prices Frozen – we know there is a recession out there, so through careful negotiation with the venue there will be no increase in entry fees in 2013.
  •  Accommodation still optional – we’ve also negotiated some great rates at UMIST for a variety of standards of rooms – all still in stumbling distance of the venue and bar as usual.

Periods on offer at Britcon 2013 include:

  • Field of Glory: Ancients & Medieval
  • Field of Glory: Renaissance
  • Field of Glory: Napoleonic
  • War & Conquest
  • Saga
  • Flames of War
  • DBMM
  • Epic Armageddon
  • Bolt Action

Sounds great – tell me more?

Pretty much everything you need to know is on the BHGS Website – there are a few bits and pieces that we are still feverishly polishing up, but you should be able to find everything you need on our Britcon pages.

BHGS Website

Britcon Booking website

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