Northern DBM League

Following a treble booking at their previously arranged venue, the Northern DBM League needed a quick switch of venue. As one of the organisers – Colin Betts – is also one of the members of East Manchester Historical Games, it was a simple matter of booking the room and the switch took place.

Further details can be found on the MAWS website:

Colin has been planning to run an event at the EMHG venue for a while, but we’ve been waiting until the refurbishment is complete before arranging this to happen.

Additional information which may be useful is:

  • Players to arrive at 09:00 am for a 9:30 start to the games.
  • Army list to Colin, Dave or Geoff by the 16/08/12.
  • The DBMM Competition will be Doubles (singles will be allowed)
  • The FoG Competition will be Doubles
  • The FoG-R Competition will be Singles (If we have 6 or more players)


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