Britcon 2012 Bring & Buy result

Well, Britcon 2012 hasĀ been and gone for another year and with it another successful Bring and Buy.

Whilst there didn’t seem to be as much quantity or variety for sale this year as in the past, given that we were in a larger space, some of that could just be an optical illusion, ‘though the number of tickets that we used to mark up the items for sale would support the former view.

However, in spite of this, we had a steady stream of visitors (possibly made easier by our more central location to the gaming areas) all of which resulted in a reasonable amount taken.

Our share of this will be used to pay for the new vinyl flooring in the toilets that we’ve now completed refurbishing (all of which has been made possible with the proceeds of this and the last two Britcon Bring and Buys).

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