East Manchester Historical Games

Coronavirus (Covid-19)

In the light of current Government advice, in common with many other groups, we have taken the decision to close the building for users. This will be reviewed on a monthly basis.
Thank you & keep safe

Who do we think we are?

East Manchester Historical Games was created in 2007 to act as a body to further the advancement of wargaming in the Hyde and Manchester EMHG Logoarea, and wherever possible bring players from other areas outside Greater Manchester to play in games in the Hyde area.

A further, important purpose of the society is to provide the opportunity for members to participate in the hobby of collecting and painting military miniatures and researching military history and the history of conflicts whether local or worldwide.

As a society, we are also interested and involved in academic research (often international with contacts in other countries) – some of which has already been published – whether related to specific regiments (especially local), individual events within a wider conflict or the impact upon the individual (whether serving soldier, prisoner of war or civilian). Obviously, to achieve this, an appreciation of social history is a necessary adjunct – why conflicts happen and their social and economic consequences. We would hope that, in time, our society will become a valuable community resource.

Tell me more

We are a group of wargamers who, back in 2007, had the opportunity to purchase a redundant Scout Headquarters & turn it into a centre for miniature wargaming & historical research.

In addition to running our own club meetings, we also invite interested parties from other clubs & societies, either from within the hobby directly (for example other Wargames Clubs), or slightly further afield, (for example Local Military Modelling, History Societies and ex-service personnel etc) to make use of our facility as this not only helps us to increase our knowledge of each other’s specialist hobbies, but also to share that knowledge with each other; details of these are on our USERS pages

It is our intention to continue to share our hobby with others through our continued attendance at conventions and shows throughout the country where we demonstrate our hobby, allowing the general public to “have a go”. To this end, we support Tame Valley Scouts at their “Railroad” show which raises funds to assist in sending local Scouts to the World Jamborees. We also take an active part in the annual Tameside Arts Festival and are members of the Tameside Arts Network

In addition, the society is willing to liaise with the history departments of schools and to make club resources and the expertise of members available as well as becoming involved in any local events with a military or historical theme; we would also hope to generate interest from the Manchester Regiment Museum at the Town Hall in Ashton, again, possibly supporting events that they are running.